About Us

Our Company

SportingCutlery.co.uk, part of the STS (North Wales) Ltd company, was founded from a family business, based Snowdonia in North Wales. Our company has a countryside heritage going back over 50 years. Established in 1964 in Llanrwst, North Wales, our company has enjoyed serving both the local area of North Wales, the UK and across the globe. During the past 20 years our company has expanded, and now manufactures a wide range of products, the company also retails much of its product range globally. Sporting Cutlery has succeeded over the years by listening to customers requirements and acting on them, providing both great products and great service. We pride ourselves on keeping the strong family values that established the company all those years ago. We understand that our customers deserve fairness and honesty along with standard core values that we all expect in our daily lives.

Customer service

We aim to put customers in touch with a member of staff who can provide a complete service from advice on our product range, delivery options, servicing and in the unlikely event that items need exchanging, this can be arranged simply and efficiently.


We pride ourselves on being able to appraise product for their suitability of use. We have no allegiance’s to any brand or company. This allows us to be completely impartial and offer the best possible service and advice.


Sporting Cutlery works to ensure all product is covered by extensive manufacturer warranties, where warranties are not immediately evident, Sporting Cutlery will, at the companies discretion, warranty product faults.


Integrity is a cornerstone of society. Our integrity is vital to how our company operates and it forms a major part of who we are. This is why we have no allegiance’s, we work to ensure our customers get the product they expect at an affordable price in an acceptable timescale. We try to work with manufacturers who are not tied into distribution networks that artificially inflate product prices for the sake of profit. Sporting Cutlery will bring you a great range of innovative and ingenious products from all around the world.


To innovate, is to firstly understand the problem. Innovation is what has lead to Sporting Cutlery being a “leader in the field”. As a company we have innovated for the best part of the companies existence, now over 50 years. We will continue to do so and where possible we will ensure that the manufacture, packaging and distribution of our innovations are all carried out in the UK.