Breakthrough Magazine – Issue 100 Winter 2010

Breakthrough – The Magazine Devoted to the Serious Wildlife Artist

Issue 100, Winter 2010

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Breakthrough - The Magazine Devoted to the Serious Wildlife Artist

Issue 100, Winter 2010

by Ken Edwards—Monroe, Georgia


Our good friend Ken Edwards came up with the concept of this cover over a year ago, and produced it once he could add in the last 4 issues. The 100th issue is not the first milestone for Breakthrough, yet it is certainly the biggest. Thousands of talented artists have contributed in making BREAKTHROUGH a symbol of the highest artistry in the taxidermy industry. To read more about how BREAKTHROUGH began and other reflections, turn to page 23.




  • The Breakthrough Gallery - 2010 Breakthrough Award Winners
  • Part 2: Composition and Design - Clark Schreibeis
  • One Hundred Issues - Larry Blomquist and Rick Carter
  • The 2010 NWTF Taxidermy Competition - Nashville, Tennessee
  • Lipski: Got Any Jacks? - Mike Kirkhart
  • Mounting a Lifesize Marco Polo Sheep - Paul Cales
  • Bird Anatomy Reference Study, Vol. 17: Doves - Glen Browning
  • 2010 NTA Convention - Springfield, Illinois
  • Book Reviews: The History of Taxidermy and Barebow! - Larry Blomquist
  • World Shows® Only 5 Months Away! - St. Charles, Missouri
  • The 2010 Breakthrough Award Winners - Judges’ Choice Best of Show
  • African Reference Study: Grant’s Gazelle - Larry Blomquist
  • Painting Schedule: Arctic Grayling - Jeff Mourning
  • Painting Schedule: Pacific Sailfish - Mike Kirkhart



  • Goofy "Stuff" - Bob Chauvin
  • Q&A - Larry Goldman
  • I WOOD Like to Know - Larry Goldman



  • Editorial: Larry Blomquist
  • Calendar of Events
  • Schools & Training
  • Classified Ads
  • Reference of the Month
  • The Breakthrough Library
  • Directory of Advertisers

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