Cold Steel Culloden Boot

The Cold Steel Culloden Boot Knife 11PSN, is named after the Scottish battle of 1746, and it takes it’s shape from a traditional Scottish dirk or Sgian dubh.

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Introducing the Cold Steel Culloden Boot Knife 11PSN: A Timeless blade with Scottish Heritage

Embrace the power and tradition of the Cold Steel Culloden Boot Knife 11PSN. A remarkable blade that pays homage to the historic Scottish battle of 1746. Inspired by the iconic Scottish dirk or Sgian dubh. This knife is a testament to both elegance and functionality. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it is a true collector's item for knife enthusiasts and history aficionados alike.

Exceptional Durability and Sharpness

The 8.8cm blade, made from high-quality AUS8 stainless steel, ensures exceptional durability and sharpness for any task at hand. With a plain edge that remains easy to maintain, this blade is a reliable companion in the face of any challenge. The jimping along the spine not only enhances its grip for your thumb but also adds a touch of decorative flair to this exquisite knife. Take pride in the intricate Culloden etching on the blade, symbolizing the rich historical significance of this blade.

Secure and Comfortable Grip

Boasting a chequered black Kraton handle, the Culloden Boot Knife provides a secure and comfortable grip that guarantees superior control in any situation. The handle's aesthetic appeal is further accentuated by the decorative pins, which lend a touch of sophistication to this remarkable piece. Whether you require a sturdy lanyard or chain attachment, the Black Concealex sheath offers a snug fit and convenient options for carrying.

Sought-after item for Collectors

Crafted in Japan with exceptional precision, the Cold Steel Culloden Boot Knife 11PSN showcases the highest standards of craftsmanship. However, please note that this particular model is now discontinued, making it an even more unique and sought-after item for collectors and enthusiasts.

As a pre-owned knife from a private collection, this blade is new to the market, offering a rare opportunity to own a piece of history. While showing no signs of use or sharpening, it remains in excellent condition, ready to serve you faithfully for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Scottish heritage: Inspired by the historic battle of Culloden, this knife embodies the spirit of Scottish tradition.
  • AUS8 stainless steel blade: Durable and sharp, the 8.8cm plain edge blade ensures reliability in any task.
  • Secure grip: The chequered black Kraton handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for precise handling.
  • Unique design: Jimping on the spine and decorative pins add both functional and decorative elements to this exquisite knife.
  • Discontinued rarity: As a discontinued model, this knife holds exceptional value for collectors and enthusiasts.

Unlock the power of Scottish heritage with the Cold Steel Culloden Boot Knife 11PSN. Its exceptional craftsmanship, rich history, and unparalleled functionality make it a prized possession for those who appreciate the art of bladesmanship. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of history and experience the legacy of the Culloden battle firsthand.

This is a Pre-owned knife from a private collection - new to the market - Few signs of use or sharpening


Additional information

New or Pre OwnedPre Owned
ManufacturerCold Steel
Country of ManufactureJapan
Manufacturers Part No.11PSN
Product TypeFixed
Lock TypeN/A
Blade Length (cm)8.8
Overall Length (cm)19
Blade MaterialAUS-8
Handle MaterialKrayton
Sheath or PouchSecure-Ex
Product Brand
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