CP6B K-Tan Component Home Tanning Kit for Deer, Sheep, Fox Skins, Cow Hide + More

Part B of the brush on system that is easy to apply! Suitable for all medium to large sized mammals

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This item is ONE component found in the K-Tan tanning kit. This component is part B, the Tan component used in the kit (Blue Tab). This should be purchased as a replacement for a part B component that has run out or if it needs replacing for some reason.

This is not a Full K-Tan Kit. Please look for CP06 for the full K-Tan kit.

The full K-Tan Kit will offer the following benefits;

The K-Tan is a Brush on Tanning system that is easy to apply.

  • Suitable for all medium to large-sized mammals.
  • No need for large amounts of chemicals.
  • Clean and Easy to use.
  • Produces light grey leather.
  • Produces a washable skin - ideal for rugs.
  • Can be used in hair on or hair off tanning.
  • It has excellent penetration.
  • Very cost effective.

A non-reversible brush-on tanning system ideal for rug making from Deer to Sheep skins. Also tans fur bearing skins i.e. Rabbit, Hare, Fox etc for clothing. Converts hide to leather with a minimum of equipment required.

One kit tans two large Sheep skins or equivalent area of other skins.

Keeps indefinitely in sealed containers.

Use together with CP84 Supa Soft Oil for a superbly soft finish on all rugs and to reduce shrinkage on all your mounts.

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