George Wostenholm I-XL Pocket Knife plus Schrade and Frontier.

George Wostenholm I-XL Pocket Knife and 2 others – a Schrade Uncle Henry and a Frontier Double Eagle.

Supplied in an I-XL trade box.

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George Wostenholm I-XL Pocket Knife Plus Schrade Uncle Henry and a Frontier Double Eagle

Introducing the ultimate collection of finely crafted pocket knives: the George Wostenholm I-XL Pocket Knife Plus Schrade Uncle Henry and a Frontier Double Eagle. This exquisite set brings together three exceptional knives that exemplify the artistry and precision of knife manufacturing. With their impressive design features and outstanding performance, these knives are sure to captivate both enthusiasts and collectors alike.

I-XL Pearlised On-Lay Knife

The I-XL Pearlised On-Lay Knife is a true gem in this collection. Featuring two meticulously crafted blades measuring 4cm and 2.7cm respectively, this knife offers versatility for a variety of tasks. With its nickel silver bolsters and pins, complemented by brass liners, the I-XL exudes elegance and durability. Its pearlised on-lay adds a touch of sophistication, making it a standout piece in any collection. Additionally, this knife adheres to UK Legal Carry regulations, providing peace of mind for everyday use.

Schrade 'Uncle Henry' Stainless Pocket Knife

The Schrade 'Uncle Henry' Stainless Pocket Knife is a testament to timeless design and functionality. Equipped with a single blade and a file, both in perfect working order, this knife is ready to tackle any cutting or filing task with ease. The brass liner ensures a satisfying snap close, enhancing the overall user experience. The knife measures 7cm when closed, making it compact and convenient for everyday carry. With subtle engraving on the handle, it exudes a touch of character and charm.

Frontier Double Eagle

The Frontier Double Eagle is a remarkable lock back pocket knife that embodies rugged elegance. Its wooden handle, coupled with brass bolsters, pins, and liners, provides a secure and comfortable grip. The single blade bears the captivating 'Double Eagle' engraving on the front cheek, showcasing its unique identity. The ricasso is stamped with the distinguished Frontier marks, further attesting to its authenticity and quality. Although it may require cleaning to optimize the closure, this knife remains in very good condition and demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship. The blade measures 5cm, offering ample cutting power for various tasks.

Uniting Three Masterpieces

All three knives in this exceptional collection are elegantly presented in a branded I-XL green box. This thoughtful packaging not only ensures safe storage and transportation but also adds an extra touch of prestige to the set. Whether you are an avid collector or a discerning knife enthusiast, this exclusive combination of George Wostenholm I-XL, Schrade Uncle Henry, and Frontier Double Eagle knives is a testament to the timeless art of knife manufacturing.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • I-XL Pearlised On-Lay Knife:
    • Two blades for versatile use
    • UK Legal Carry compliant
    • Nickel silver bolsters and pins for durability
    • Brass liners for added strength
    • Elegant pearlised on-lay for a touch of sophistication
  • Schrade 'Uncle Henry' Stainless Pocket Knife:
    • Single blade and file for cutting and filing tasks
    • Satisfying snap close with brass liner
    • Compact size for everyday carry
    • Engraved handle for added character
    • Timeless design and functionality
  • Frontier Double Eagle:
    • Lock back mechanism for enhanced safety
    • Wooden handle for a secure and comfortable grip
    • Brass bolsters, pins, and liners for durability
    • Captivating 'Double Eagle' engraving for a unique touch
    • Authentic Frontier marks for quality assurance

Elevate your knife collection with the George Wostenholm I-XL Pocket Knife Plus Schrade Uncle Henry and a Frontier Double Eagle set.

These are Pre-owned knives which have been in a private collection for many years. They have been used during their lifetime, the wear is limited and sharpening minimal, if at all.

N.B. These Items Will Not Be Sold Separately.

Additional information

New or Pre OwnedPre Owned
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom
Manufacturers Part No.
Product TypeFolding
Lock Type
Blade Length (cm)4
Overall Length (cm)12
Blade Material01 Carbon Steel
Handle Material
Sheath or Pouch


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