Colt Freedom Bowie Knife

Introducing the remarkable Limited Edition Colt Freedom Bowie Knife – a true masterpiece that pays homage to the indomitable spirit of America. With only 500 units in existence, this authentic Bowie knife stands as a symbol of American innovation and inventiveness, a reflection of Colt’s enduring legacy.


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Embark on a Journey with the Limited Edition Colt Freedom Bowie Knife

Discover American Heritage

Introducing the Limited Edition Colt Freedom Bowie Knife – a testament to America's spirit. With only 500 units, this authentic Bowie knife embodies Colt's legacy.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since 1837, Colt has shaped American history. Cowboys and soldiers embraced Colt's brand. The Colt Freedom Bowie Knife carries this tradition with pride.

A Symbol of Patriotism

Bowie knives served frontiersmen and soldiers. The Freedom Bowie Knife echoes this with engraved art. Its inscription, "The United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave," stands proudly.

Craftsmanship Redefined

The Freedom Bowie Knife boasts a 16-inch length. Polished nickel silver exudes elegance. The wood chequered grip offers comfort. The stainless steel blade showcases 1800s artistry.

Elegance and Uniqueness

Each knife is serialized, housed in a lavish case. A shield with stars and stripes adorns the handle. This limited edition, numbered 203 out of 500, encapsulates American pride.

Key Features:

  • Limited edition masterpiece celebrating America's spirit.
  • Meticulously engraved patriotic blade art.
  • Polished nickel silver handguard and frame.
  • Secure grip with a wood chequered handle.
  • Individually serialized and presented in a luxurious case.

Embrace history and elegance with Colt's Freedom Bowie Knife. Own a piece of American heritage today!

Additional information

New or Pre OwnedPre Owned
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Manufacturers Part No.
Product TypeFixed
Lock Type
Blade Length (cm)25.5
Overall Length (cm)38.5
Blade Material440 Stainless
Handle Material
Sheath or PouchNone


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