Kizlyar PY3 & Mr Blade Patriot

The Kizlyar PY3 & Mr Blade Patriot are both knives with distinct characteristics and purposes, appealing to different segments of knife enthusiasts.

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The Kizlyar PY3 & Mr Blade Patriot are both knives with distinct characteristics and purposes, appealing to different segments of knife enthusiasts.

Kizlyar PY3

Kizlyar Supreme, a Russian knife manufacturer, produces the PY3. Here are some key features of the Knife:

  • Design: Utilitarian, suitable for various bushcraft and survival tasks.
  • Blade: 12cm long in high-quality stainless steel, for precise cutting.
  • Handle: Rubberised and ergonomically designed for comfort in hand, providing both durability and grip in adverse conditions.
  • Sheath: Comes with a sturdy Kydex sheath for safe carrying and easy access.

Mr Blade Patriot

Mr Blade is another respected name in the knife industry, known for producing high-quality, reliable knives. The Patriot model is one of their popular offerings.

  • Design: Combines a tactical look with practical features, making it suitable for both collectors and users.
  • Blade: 14cm high-grade D2, offering excellent edge retention and strength. The blade design often emphasizes versatility for different cutting tasks.
  • Overall Length: 26.5cm, notched thumb rest for added stability.
  • Handle: Designed for a secure and comfortable grip, G10 slabs over a full tang for enhanced performance and aesthetics.
  • Sheath: Well-designed Nylon sheath that facilitates easy carrying and quick access.


  • Intended Use: Both knives are designed for outdoor practical applications, but the Kizlyar PY3 might lean more towards rugged outdoor use, while the Mr Blade Patriot might appeal to those looking for a combination of outdoor and everyday work capabilities.
  • Materials: Both manufacturers use high-quality materials for their blades and handles, ensuring durability and performance.
  • Design Philosophy: Kizlyar tends to focus on robust, no-nonsense designs, while Mr Blade might incorporate more modern and ergonomic features.
  • Brand Reputation: Both brands are well-regarded in the knife community, with Kizlyar being known for their rugged outdoor knives and Mr Blade for their innovative and high-performance designs.

Ultimately, the choice between the Kizlyar PY3 and Mr Blade Patriot will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and intended use. Both knives offer excellent quality and performance, making them valuable additions to any knife collection.

This is a Pre-owned knife from a private collection - new to the market - No signs of use or sharpening - the photos form part of the detailed description, please examine them carefully.

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