Vintage SOG Original C47 Contour – Fixed Blade with Kydex Sheath

Vintage SOG Original C47 Contour – Fixed Blade with Kydex Sheath

Excellent condition, unused with factory edge, in original box Circa 1990’s

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Vintage SOG Original C47 Contour - A Tactical Masterpiece

The Vintage SOG Original C47 Contour is a true gem for knife enthusiasts and collectors alike. Manufactured by the renowned SOG Knife Company USA, this fixed blade knife with its Kydex sheath exudes excellence in craftsmanship and functionality. Whether you're an avid collector or a passionate hunter, this knife is a must-have addition to your arsenal. Let's delve into the remarkable features that make the SOG Original C47 Contour stand out from the crowd.

Unparalleled Design and Construction

The SOG C47 Contour boasts a Zytel handle and a satin finished plain upswept blade, combining rugged durability with stunning aesthetics. This knife is specifically designed for ultimate convenience, offering versatile options for both neck carry and belt carry. With its compact size, the Contour surprises with its impressive edge length, ensuring you have the reach you need for any cutting task.

Unrivaled Control and Grip

One of the standout features of the SOG Original C47 Contour is its thumb ridges and positive wave-like grip. These innovative design elements provide exceptional control and comfort, allowing you to confidently handle the knife in any cutting application. Whether you're slicing through ropes, preparing campfire kindling, or performing intricate tasks, this knife effortlessly rises to the occasion.

Advanced Kydex Sheath

Complementing the knife's sophistication, the SOG Original C47 Contour comes with an advanced Kydex sheath. This high-quality sheath offers multiple carrying options, ensuring that your knife is always within easy reach. Whether you choose to wear it around your neck or attach it to your belt, the sheath securely holds the knife in place while providing quick and convenient access when needed.

Impressive Specifications

The SOG Original C47 Contour is as impressive on paper as it is in action. With a blade length of 6.3cm and an overall length of 16cm, this knife strikes the perfect balance between compactness and functionality. Weighing in at just 100g, it offers excellent maneuverability without compromising on strength. Crafted from AUS 8 stainless steel, the blade delivers exceptional sharpness and durability, ensuring it stands up to the most demanding tasks. With a hardness rating of RC. 57-58, this blade is built to withstand the test of time. The layered Zytel and aluminum handle adds a touch of elegance to this already remarkable knife.

The Perfect Blend of History and Performance

The Vintage SOG Original C47 Contour is not just a knife; it's a piece of history. Manufactured in the 1990s, this knife remains in excellent condition, complete with its factory edge and original box. Whether you're a collector looking for a rare find or a hunter seeking a reliable companion, the SOG C47 Contour is a testament to the timeless quality and innovation that has made SOG a trusted name in the industry.

Don't miss your chance to own this exceptional piece of cutlery. The Vintage SOG Original C47 Contour is a true collector's item and a reliable tool that will exceed your expectations. Experience the precision, control, and craftsmanship that define SOG knives and add this remarkable piece to your collection today.

Product Highlights:

  • Unparalleled design and construction
  • Unrivaled control and grip
  • Advanced Kydex sheath with multiple carrying options
  • Impressive specifications: blade length of 6.3cm, overall length of 16cm, and a weight of 100g
  • A perfect blend of history and performance

Buy now and elevate your knife collection with the Vintage SOG Original C47 Contour.

This is a Pre-owned knife from a private collection and shows no signs of use or sharpening. The original box is supplied.

Additional information

New or Pre OwnedPre Owned
Country of Manufacture
Manufacturers Part No.C47
Product TypeFixed
Lock TypeN/A
Blade Length (cm)6.3
Overall Length (cm)16
Blade MaterialAUS-8
Handle MaterialZytel
Sheath or PouchKydex


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