25 x Large Alu-Tag Blank Herb, Plant, Shrub and Tree Labels Markers

Large Aluminium Blank Herb, Plant, Shrub and Tree Labels Markers (7.4 cm x 2.5 cm) (25)

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    • AluTags are easy to use and can be written on with a standard ball point pen 
    • All AluTags are supplied with an aluminium tie 
    • The large 7.4 cm x 2.5 cm tag accepts a considerable amount of information 
    • AluTags accept writing to both sides of the tag without affecting the opposing side 
    • AluTags are permanent, and do not degrade, rust or deteriorate with age
    • Handy for Gardeners; Plumbers; Electricians; Field Service Technicians; Facility Engineers; Outdoors; Arts and Crafts
    • Perfect for tagging trees, plants, valves, lock boxes, and anything that must endure extreme environments; embossable
    • Attach using staples, nails, Drawing Pins, tacks, or the included 6 inch long wires
    • Each pack contains 25 labels and wires.

    100% recyclable blank Aluminium Permanent Label, are designed for extended use in demanding environments and the outdoors. Write on and emboss with a standard ball point pen or stylus. This  label can be written on both sides without affecting the other. The large 2.5 cm x 7.4 cm surface area will accept a considerable amount of information. The label its self is almost indestructible as the tags will not rust or deteriorate with age. Each tag comes with its own aluminium wire tie that can be used through the tag (Holes Provided) to securely attach the tag.

    Gardening, Horticulture, or Nursery Management:

    • Tag your plants, seeds, seedlings, trees, shrubs, herb garden and vegetation
    • Use these tags without worry of rust, fading, or cracking
    • Indoor hydroponics friendly
    • Upgrade your plastic labels to these premium metal ones

    Field Service Engineers, Facilities Managers: Tag and Identify the following with ease and security using the included 6" tie-on wires:

    • Valves
    • Service Meters
    • Control Panels
    • Inspection Records
    • Repair Tags
    • Anything that requires critical long term identification
    • Lockout Tags
    • Label your long term essentials without worrying about tags fading or disintegrating away.

    Weather Resistant Soft Aluminium Laminated Card Tags: These card laminated tags are covered with aluminium laminate so they can be used practically anywhere.

    Artists and Crafters:

    • Garden Wedding Decor
    • Table Escort Cards
    • Name Hang Tags
    • Easily cut these using scissors for your own shapes.
    • Emboss them by writing or stamping

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