Puma Rattler Model P133500 with Leather Sheath & Original Box – 2005 Edition

Puma Rattler Model P133500 with Leather Sheath & Original Box – 2005 Edition

This compact Puma is 13.9cm overall length with a full tang, stainless steel blade and has a bead blasted finish. The handle onlays have an all weather polymer handle with engraved PUMA emblem.

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Puma Rattler Model P133500: Unleash the Power of Precision

Introducing the Puma Rattler Model P133500 with Leather Sheath. A knife crafted to perfection with a blend of modern technology and timeless craftsmanship. With its sleek design, remarkable features, and rich history. This 2005 edition knife is a true gem for collectors and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Let's delve into the key design features and benefits that make this Puma Rattler a must-have addition to your arsenal.

Precision in a Compact Package

At 13.9cm overall length, the Puma Rattler Model P133500 proves that big things come in small packages. This compact powerhouse features a full tang, stainless steel blade with a bead blasted finish, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. The 5.5cm blade length and 3mm thickness strike the perfect balance between versatility and precision. This makes it ideal for intricate tasks and quick, controlled maneuvers.

Unyielding Strength and Reliability

The Puma Rattler Model P133500 is built to endure the toughest challenges. With a remarkable hardness rating of 55-57 HRC, this blade has undergone rigorous testing and proof marking to ensure its superior performance. Whether you're carving wood, preparing food, or tackling other demanding tasks, this knife is ready to rise to the occasion, providing you with unwavering strength and reliability.

Weather-Resistant Comfort

Crafted with all-weather polymer handle onlays, the Puma Rattler Model P133500 ensures a firm grip and exceptional control, no matter the weather conditions. The engraved PUMA emblem on the handle serves as a mark of distinction, embodying the brand's commitment to quality and heritage. Rain or shine, you can rely on this knife to remain securely in your grasp, empowering you to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Lightweight Elegance

Weighing in at a mere 45g, the Puma Rattler Model P133500 strikes the perfect balance between durability and lightweight portability. Its ABS plastic scales contribute to the knife's feather-light feel. This allows for effortless handling and convenient carry, whether it's in your pocket, backpack, or attached to your gear. Prepare to experience unparalleled ease and comfort, ensuring that you're always ready for action.

Timeless Protection

The Puma Rattler Model P133500 comes complete with a black leather sheath, exuding a touch of classic sophistication while providing reliable protection. The friction fit design ensures that your knife remains secure during storage or transport, giving you peace of mind and easy access whenever you need it most. With its original box, this 2005 edition Puma Rattler preserves its legacy in both style and functionality.

In conclusion, the Puma Rattler Model P133500 is a masterfully crafted knife that combines precision, strength, comfort, and elegance in one exceptional package. Whether you're a collector seeking a piece of knife-making history or an outdoor enthusiast in search of a reliable companion, this knife is designed to exceed your expectations. Unleash the power of precision with the Puma Rattler Model P133500 – a true testament to Puma's commitment to excellence.

Product Highlights:

  • Compact design with a full tang stainless steel blade
  • Remarkable hardness rating of 55-57 HRC for enduring strength
  • All-weather polymer handle for weather-resistant comfort
  • Lightweight at only 45g, ensuring effortless handling
  • Includes a black leather sheath for timeless protection

Get your hands on the Puma Rattler Model P133500 today and embrace the epitome of knife-making craftsmanship. Experience the power, precision, and passion that only Puma can deliver.

This is a Pre-owned knife from a private collection and shows no signs of use or sharpening. The original box is supplied.

Additional information

New or Pre OwnedPre Owned
Country of ManufactureGermany
Manufacturers Part No.P133500
Product TypeFixed
Lock Type
Blade Length (cm)5.5
Overall Length (cm)13.6
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Handle MaterialThermoplastic
Sheath or PouchLeather


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