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Every great design has a great story behind it,  the Spyderco PITS folder was designed by Mike Read who hails from England in the UK.

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Unveiling the Spyderco PITS Folder: A Slice of Ingenuity

When it comes to knife craftsmanship, few names stand as tall as Spyderco. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and functionality has earned them a place of honor in the world of cutlery. Today, we're diving into the Spyderco PITS UK Legal Folder, a pre-owned gem that embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration. Spyderco PITS UK Legal

The Story Behind the Design

Behind every exceptional design, there's an equally remarkable story. The Spyderco PITS folder carries the signature of Mike Read, a designer hailing from the UK. But what does "PITS" stand for, you might wonder? It's not about pies or sky; it's Mike's online alias, "PieInTheSky." An unexpected twist for a knife name, right?

In the UK, the law mandates that an Everyday Carry (EDC) knife must be non-locking and have a blade under 3 inches. Mike took up this challenge, determined to craft a better, safer, UK EDC legal knife. And so, the Spyderco PITS UK Legal folder was born.

The Perfect Collaboration

Collaborations in the knife world demand a harmonious blend of essential features from all parties involved. Mike Read, with Spyderco's requirements in mind, didn't force his own design into Spyderco's world. Instead, he started afresh, using his wealth of experience and design preferences to create a new Spyderco knife.

The Blade: A Cut Above the Rest

The PITS Folder boasts a broad, clip-point blade made from Böhler-Uddeholm N690Co steel. This martensitic chromium steel, alloyed with cobalt, molybdenum, and vanadium, is a testament to Spyderco's dedication to top-notch materials. The Trademark Round Hole™ allows for effortless one-handed opening, ensuring convenience for both left and right-handed users. Plus, there's an integral guard at the base of the edge, reducing the risk of accidental closure during use.

A Handle That's All About Innovation

The PITS Folder's titanium handle scales are both sturdy and lightweight, thanks to clever skeletonization. What sets this knife apart is its unique slipjoint mechanism. Machined slots at the top of each handle scale create integral spring arms, connected by a hardened pin. This pin works in tandem with a curved ramp on the blade's tang, securing the blade in the open position. No accidental closures here.

Versatile and Ambidextrous

Ambidexterity reigns supreme with the PITS Folder. It features a reversible deep-pocket wire clip, allowing for convenient left or right-side tip-up carry. The clip not only makes carrying a breeze but also enhances one-handed operation, regardless of your dominant hand.

Cutting-Edge Performance

In the realm of non-locking folders, the PITS Folder shines as one of the most robust and capable options. It embodies social friendliness and legal compliance without compromising on cutting performance.

In Conclusion

The Spyderco PITS Folder is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and thoughtful design. It's more than just a knife; it's a piece of functional art. Experience the best of British design and Spyderco craftsmanship in this exceptional EDC companion.

With its unique features, robust design, and Spyderco's legacy, the PITS Folder is a must-have for knife enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a slice of ingenuity.

Key Attributes:

  • Exceptional Böhler-Uddeholm N690Co steel
  • Ambidextrous design with a reversible deep-pocket wire clip
  • Innovative slipjoint mechanism for safety
  • Legal for Everyday Carry (EDC) in the UK
  • Premium materials and craftsmanship

The SPITS folder is no longer in production. They rarely come up for sale, and therefore this knife is a highly collectible piece.

This is a Pre-owned knife from a private collection. This knife has been used and carried. The handle scales have been cleaned with an abrasive, and polished. Please see images for condition.  The knife is sold as shown. There is no paperwork or box with this knife.



Additional information

New or Pre OwnedPre Owned
Country of Manufacture
Manufacturers Part No.
Product TypeFolding
Lock TypeNon Locking
Warranty2 Year
Blade Length (cm)7
Overall Length (cm)18
Blade Material
Handle MaterialMetal
Sheath or PouchNone


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